Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Metamorphosis Hand Play

Kidlets love using music and movement to tell a story... and what could be more fascinating than the life cycle of the butterfly? Here's a song my preschoolers want to sing (and act out) over and over (and oooooover...)

Ten little eggs, all in a mound
(Hold up ten fingers, and then place one hand over the other to form a covered fist/mound)

Out come the caterpillars, crawling all around
(Move your fingers in a crawling motion)

Next they will sleep, and we know why
(Tilt and lay your head on your hands like a pillow)

Soon they will be... butterflies
(Wave your hands around with your thumbs overlapping... sign language for "butterfly.")

1 comment:

Cathy James said...

A very sweet rhyme. Thanks for sharing this with our music and song play carnival.