Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Seven Best Artsy Cool, Kid Approved, Children's Picture Book Gift Ideas

Goodnight Moon and Pat the Bunny are classics, but chances are most kidlets will already have those titles in their personal library. If you're looking for something more unusual and off-beat, these are my very favorite (in no particular order) finds for birthday, holiday, and baby shower gifting:

1. An Awesome Book
I've talked about this one before.

2. Lines that Wiggle

Colorful, punchy graphics explain how lines create images (like waves, spider webbing, etc.)

3. Zoo Ology
Simplisticly genius, vintage-feeling illustrations cover each page, IDing various animals.

4. Fashion
A kitschy, visual explanation of fashion industry terms, like "catwalk."

5. If
This book asks "What if...?" over and over, illustrating silly, fun, surrealistic, imaginative scenarios like "What if tarantulas read braille?"

6. The Francois Crozat I am a... books.
This series of books is filled with beautiful, old-school style pictures, and each story is told from the viewpoint of the individual animal.

7. A Is For Artist
A gorgeous, modern, color rich, art book quality illustration of ABCs and art world terminology.

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JustForDaisy said...

I really like the look of these books. Will have to look for them at our library. Thanks :)