Thursday, March 12, 2009

Girl Power! My Modeless Role Models

Who were your celebrity role models growing up? It's funny, but when I started thinking about it, I realized that most of the supercoolfemales who I looked up to as a child were actually... fictional characters from books, movies, and tv. I'm not exactly sure what that says about me... but here they are:

* Pippi Longstocking (Seventies Swedish movie version): Has a sailor dad who leaves her chests of gold. Travels by hot air balloon. Monkey & horse as a roommate... need I say more?

* Anne with an "e" (of Green Gables): Strange spunky redhead. Accidentally dyes hair green. Accidentally gets best friend drunk. "Accidentally" precedes 90% of actions.

* Gidget (Rerun-fab Sally Fields): Silly, romantic, beachy girl with surftastic wardrobe and odd dance moves.

* Pollyanna (as portrayed by the endlesslyadorable Hayley Mills): Makes a rainbow wall of prisms. Scarfs down steak & ice cream. Climbs Trees.

* Mary Poppins: Practically perfect in every way. Has friends who dance with penguins and float when they laugh. No-nonsense but Pro-sugar.

* Tia (from Escape to Witch Mountain): Animal telepath and telekinetic wonder (I spent hours trying to move things with the power of my mind..)

* Cyndi Lauper (the only actual real person on my list): Wardrobe consists of brightly colored, twirly-skirted outfits. Moves like a muppet. So unusual. Just wants to have fun.

Things for Thinking: Who were your celebrity role models growing up? Can you see bits of them in the grownup you?...Who do the kidlets around you admire today?... Are those role models athletes, model-models, musicians, fictional characters?... What is it exactly about these role models that they admire? How might that help shape who they become?...

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