Friday, September 30, 2011

Style Muse: Karen Gillan

*Photos via Google Images*

For those of you who aren't nerds like me, Karen Gillan plays the adorable and fiesty sidekick Amy Pond on the recent seasons of Doctor Who. She has the best easy-breezy, windblown red hair I've maybe ever seen. I also love the way she's unafraid of pairing bright colors and busy prints with neutrals. And I like how she's a fan of nonfussy shoes, too. Her overall look always feels very... modern-comfy.

Geeky Doctor Who Trivia: The role of young Amy Pond is actually played by Karen's real-life cousin.


emma wallace said...

LOVE this! I am such a casual-shoe girl myself and she pulls it off splendidly. Great inspiration!

Tales of Whimsy said...

Cute cute cute. I have to try this show.

My fav is the purple dress.

Anonymous said...

where did she get that bus sweater!!! gahhh!!