Saturday, June 4, 2011

Pretty Pictorial: Smitten Kitten Sweetness

Leslie, Susan, Mary, Jayne, Donna, Ava, & Audrey.
And cats.

*Photos via Flickr*


Sheryl Hastings said...

Love the black and white photos. I see two meezers in there. I can spot them even without color!

SisterBatik said...

Wow you have so many great images on here - I love old hollywood black and whites, just so glamorous! And the puppies and kitties - adorable: )

PuppyLovePrincess said...

@ sher: i love siamese kitties, too. they're so chatty, it cracks me up!

@ sister: thanks! i think there's just something instantly wonderful about old hollywood black and whites. i've noticed that even the non celeb photos of that time also captured a similar kind of glamor and poise; my grandparents look just like movie stars in their old pictures, too!