Monday, May 30, 2011

Preschool Nature Book Basics: Letters, Shapes, & Colors

These are my very favorite nature books that focus on letters, shapes, and colors. Because they center around traditional, developmentally age-appropriate preschooler topics, these books make welcome additions to most kidlet libraries (even in those families & schools where nature is not considered a high priority.)

ABC's Naturally
Discovering Nature's Alphabet
Waldorf Alphabet Book
Wildflower ABC

Star in my Orange (Looking for Nature's Shapes)
Looking at Nature: What Shape is it?

What Color is Nature?
Planting a Rainbow
Growing Colors


Eleni said...

Ooh, I wouldn't mind a copy of the Wildflower ABC for myself!

I just found your blog via Skunkboy Creatures - I liked the comment you made about shorts being "failed pants" - made me giggle!

Bending Birches said...

beautiful compilation here...I am a waldorf inspired homecare provider until I complete my waldorf EC fo the children I care for will be entering public kindergarten in the fall. at her parents request, I am teaching her to write her name and some other letter recognition skills, etc. These books will be perfect. i also have enjoyed the waldorf alphabet book, "LMNOP"
pleased to meet you here in blogland:)

RainbowsWithinReach said...

From reading this my first post on your blog, I feel like I have some genuine insight to the way you think & what you value. How great is that?

Unknown said...

Love this book selection! :) Think that ABC's naturally is my favorite!

PuppyLovePrincess said...

@ michelle: abc's naturally is my favorite, too! the photos are so amazing you could actually cut them out, frame them, and use them as wall decor.

@ debbie; thanks! that's such a supersweet thing to say.

@ bendingbirches: oh, i looove waldorf! the emphasis on nature, music, and storytelling is really special, and important i think, too.

@eleni: i'm glad i made you giggle ;) and i totally agree, the wildflower abc book is incredible. the potato is not only tasty when covered with butter and cheese... it's an art tool, too!

Isil Simsek said...

I love these books and will definitely find them for my daughter who will start school in September. I would love it if you linked up to my weekly meme,Book Sharing Monday.

Unknown said...

Some really lovely books! I especially like the look of the alphabet in nature one. Thanks for sharing and linking to 5-a-day books!