Thursday, February 26, 2009

Yummy Puppet Food

...Because an animal puppet's gotta eat!

This is a supersimple project that sparks creativity, imagination, and leads to all sorts of sciencey talk. Hosting a pretend brunch buffet for animal puppets is an ideal opportunity for:

Sorting: "Which animals like to eat nuts?"
Dramatic play: "Yum, my butterfly likes flower nectar!"
Introducing new vocabulary: (carnivore, herbivore, etc.)
Problem-solving: "How do you think the otter gets those hard shells open?"

Here's What You Need:
* Sturdy-Style Paper/Plastic/Bamboo Plates
* Glue (Craft or Hot Glue)
* Various Critter Food: Which kind depends on your stash of puppets. I used: a silk flower, little creepy rubber toy bugs, dried nuts & seeds, a couple of fabric leaves (that fell off my fall door wreath), pretty shells, and a small squeaky steak dog toy.

Here's What You do:
1. Glue one food item per plate, and let dry.
2. Invite your kidlet's puppets for feasting!
3. Play, sort, giggle, chat... and learn!

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