Wednesday, February 25, 2009

(Semihandmade) SSSnake Sock Puppets

When it comes to kidcrafts, Semihandmade is always my favorite way to go, and these shortcut snake sock puppets are sssuper easypeasy to make.

While this craft is best for older kids (or for grownups whipping up a fast gifty), itsybitsy ones can help out with selection duty (choosing the perfectly colored sock, size of eyes, "how many eyes do we need for a snake?"...)

Here's What You'll Need:
* One Sock (Argyles= snaketastic diamond patterned scales)
* Glue (Fabric or Hot Glue)
* Two Googly Eyes (or buttons, etc.)
* Red Felt Scraps (for your snake's tongue)
* Scissors
* Marker/Pen

Here's What You Do:
1. Push your hand inside the sock (sock puppet style) to find & smush out your snake's mouth.
2. Mark out where you'd like the eyes and tongue to go.
3. Cut a longish, forked tongue shape.
4. Glue your tongue and eyes where they belong.
5. Give your snakey time to dry (um, I mean, nap), and...
6. TADA! It's that quick & easy.

There are tons of obvious sciencey tie-ins: how do snakes sound? how do they move? what sort of body covering do they have? what do snakes eat? how do snakes eat?... with a puppet, it's not all talk, it's action, baby! Lot & lots of "show me!" moments, which are wonderful for kinesthetic learners :)

Silly Sensory Snake Stuff: Stick out your tongue. Do you smell with your tongue?... No, we humans smell with our noses, but snakes use their tongues to help them smell! Sound silly? Maybe, but that's not even the coolest part...look closely, and you'll notice the snake has a split (or forked) tongue. The tongue is forked so the snake can smell what's going on to the left ("predator! AH!") and the right ("prey! YUM!") at the same time, and then decide which direction is safest/yummiest/best to go :)

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