Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fairy Godmother Baby Shower Blessings Bracelets

I made these pretties as favors for my best friend's baby shower, and you can, too. They're inspired by Sleeping Beauty... I've always loved that scene in the Disney movie, when the Godmothers bless baby Aurora (what a warm and magical welcome!) Here's how the bracelets work: just say a prayer/make a wish, tie on the bracelet, and each time a guest looks at her bracelet, she'll be reminded to keep mom and baby in her thoughts and prayers. Wear the bracelet until the cord wears away or breaks and... then the prayer/wish comes true (or so we hope!) I'm currently taking custom orders and selling them in my Etsy shop, but the truth is, if you're a crafty sort, they're really supersimple to make. I figured it might be fun to share the how-tos:
1. Cut a piece of hemp cording to a length of your liking (it should be your desired bracelet length, plus at least an extra 2-3 + inches for knotting and tying off; especially if you think some guests might prefer wearing it as an anklet.)
2. Thread on a truly pretty bead (No scratchy, cheapo stuff please... I like to use beach glass beads or unique vintage finds; blue for boys, pink for girls, and a pastel mix for ?s)
3. Push the bead midway to the center of the cord and make a knot on one side of the bead, so the knot is right up against the bead.
4. Make another knot on the other side of the bead, so the bead is now sandwiched cozy-style between two knots.
5. Create your own instruction card and print it out on card stock.
6. Make two slits on the sides of your card to snuggle in your bracelet (then gather and tape the rest of the cording to the backside.)

These make a really fun favor to pass out with a guest book (then everyone can also write down their wishes for baby, and you'll have a forever-collection of wonderful thoughts for mom to take home, too.) 

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