Sunday, February 22, 2009

Books, Barks, & Bestest Buddies

Are you a SoCal puppyparent with a well-mannered, calm, supersocialized dog who loveloveloves kiddos? Are you a teacher who's looking for a fun, innovative way to encourage your students to read?...Then there's a wonderful volunteer community group called BARK (Beach Animals Reading with Kids) you might be interested in.

Sometimes children who are learning to read have a tough time reading aloud in class... BARK links local schools and libraries with supersweet therapy dogs who know how to just relax & listen without judgement...

It might sound silly, but this program really works wonders! It's great on so many levels: for the kids, the dogs, the teachers, (& even the proud dog parents.) Similar programs can be found nationwide, like this one, in Ohio...

Consider getting involved in your local chapter... :)

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