Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Geeky Things Alert: 4 Nerdy Indulgent Reality TV Shows You Prolly Aren't Watching But Maybe Should Be

Because we all have so much free time & space on our DVRs...

1. American Ninja Warrior:
Superfit men compete in physical challenges whilst looking superfit. Did I mention there are superfit men?

2. Expedition Impossible:
Teams of three hike, climb, repel, and raft across Morocco in a race. One team calls themselves "the gypsies" and they have strangely fantastic mustaches. Another team has a blind guy (Erik) who yes, hikes, climbs, repels, and rafts.

3. Secrets From A Stylist:
A youngish designer with a background in prop styling sets (for TV, movies, magazines, etc.) transforms homes using a weirdly accurate question and answer method ("Which doorknob do you like best out of these 10 different doorknobs that sit before you?... Which teapot do you like best out of these 10 teapots that sit before you?...")

4. Home By Novogratz:
A self-taught interior design couple redecorates boring spaces by using bold colors & patterns, and by mixing vintage & modern pieces. They also have seven children (with names like Five and Major),who are often seen doing peculiar things in the background.

*Cool retro TV image via WeHeartIt*

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