Monday, May 23, 2011

Bernie Dexter Landscape Dress Review

AH! So this is one of my newest (and most favoritest of all time) dresses. I've been wanting it for a while, and I know I've mentioned it before (it's the dress that reminds me of the Everglades, and all things Gentle Ben & Flipper...) It's such a PRETTY dress! It's by Bernie Dexter, and it's called the Blaize Pin Up Swing Landscape Dress (this dress was also for sale on the Modcloth website, but it sold out superduper fast.)

As with most all Bernie Dexter Dresses, this one has:
*A pretty, full, twirl-friendly skirt.
*Defined waist.
*Vibrant colors, very true to those pictured online.
*Zip up design, with the zipper placed down the back.
*No lining, but the fabric is thick enough to wear as-is.
*A hem length that falls (on me) at/justjustjust below the knees.

The print on the fabric is really fun. Lots of naturey trees & things. The colors are saturated, and there's lots of versatile matchy potential as far as cardis go. You can pair it with yellow, blue, purple, and (obviously!) green, black, and white. I found this design to be slightly bigger on top, so I purchased a size down from what I usually get, and the bodice and strap length fit pretty much perfectly. I think it's the ideal summer dress. 5 stars all the way. I loveloveLOVE it!

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