Monday, April 11, 2011

Bernie Dexter Dress Reviews

So. When you google Bernie Dexter Dress Reviews pretty much nothing comes up, which is reallyreallyreally sad. I'm used to googling Anthropologie dress reviews and having tons of things pop up. It's wonderful, because ordering online can be tricky. Knowing if a dress consistently seems to run small or large, or is lined, etc. makes returns a lot less likely (yay!) Here's what I've experienced with the three superpretty Bernie Dexter dresses I own:

All three dresses have:
*Pretty, full, twirl-friendly skirts.
*Defined waists.
*Vibrant colors, very true to those pictured online.
*Zip up design, with the zipper placed down the back.
*No lining, but the fabric is thick enough to wear as-is.
*A hem length that falls (on me) at/justjustjust below the knees.

I'm in love with this dress! The waist sits in the correct place on me (at the waist!), the straps are the perfect length (so they don't slide off!), and the gathering at the bust is really superdupercute and comfy. It's listed on the Bernie Dexter website as being a halter, but it's not. It's got two cute little over-the-shoulder straps. The bestest part of this dress is the print design on the fabric; the background is an aquaish, robins egg type blue, with little red, white and pink colored Eiffel Towers cheerfully scattered all around. SO CUTE online, and EVEN CUTER in real life! I found this dress runs a little on the smallish side with regards to zip-upability around the waist and back. So, for instance, if you normally order a small in most brands, you might need to try a medium. The site has the measurements listed, so definitely refer to them first before you order and you're sure to find the right fit. Customer service is really friendly, so if you have any questions, they can help you out, too.

This dress has a bustline similar to the Eiffel Tower Print Frenchie Dress, but the gathering on mine is a little more broad, so it has more of a thick, pleated appearance. This one is a halter dress. The halter ties are sturdy and long, which means you can adjust them however you like. In fact, instead of tying at the back of the neck, I could even tie it off along the side, too. It looks really cute that way (almost like you've pinned on a scarfy-bow-corsage.) If you're not the hugest fan of tie halters (like me!) no worries. I took my dress to a tailor and there was enough fabric for her to make me a pair of wide straps, instead. The fabric print definitely has a retro feel to it. The flowers are large, and the colors are happy & vibrant. It's very luau. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if my Grandma said "Hey, I used to have a tablecloth like that for the Patio back in the 60s!" If a comment like that would make you smile rather than cringe, then this dress is for you! In my book, anything that reminds me of summer vacation, pina coladas, Gidget and BBQ sauce equals goodness! So I love this dress.

This is also sold at Modcloth as the "From Babylon Dress." The fabric print on this one is very unique and it's just 100% gorgeous: pink blossoming trees, blue skies, white fluffy clouds... it's lovely! I've found that the elastic around the arms runs small (and I've got little twiggy arms, so be warned!) It doesn't cut off my circulation, but it's leaves behind those little unattractive "you wore something tight" marks afterwards. The pocket openings are also tiny. Strangely, I found the back part of the dress was overly roomy... it felt like the fabric was purposely cut to accommodate alien hybrids with back boobs or something (so maybe the individual dress I got was just a weird fluke incident?) It created a little bit of a hunchbackish effect. When cleverly paired with a cardigan, it wasn't noticeable at all (yay!), but I took it to a tailor anyway and she fixed it easypeasy just by adding two darts down the back. So now, if I get the chance, I can visit Notre Dame without the fear of little children running up with autograph books asking if I'm Quasimoto's daughter ;) My minor fit glitches aside, this dress is worth every penny just based on the unusual prettiness of the fabric print alone. Sooo perfect for spring!

All three of my Bernie Dexter dresses aren't just cute and comfy; they also make me smile & feel like spinning. I need more! Next, I'd like to try the Dexter Blaize Green Landscape Dress. It has an everglades feel to it. When I first saw it, it made me think of Gentle Ben and Flipper... Anyone besides me remember Gentle Ben and Flipper reruns?... Anyone...? Anyone...?


Sean MacKenzie said...

Hi, I came across this while searching reviews for BD clothing. Since you have purchased her dresses, I'm wondering if you have any thoughts on her trousers/denim pants? I'm curious about getting a pair after being burned with a couple of makers and I'm weary on whether or not to purchase. I don't want to waste more money.

Thank you...

The Fictionista

PuppyLovePrincess said...

@ Sean:

I wish I could be more helpful, but I haven't purchased any of her pants before. I've found with pants I ALWAYS need to try them on first, no matter who's made them. Pants and shoes are two things I never buy online anymore because returning/exhanging them is such a hassle.