Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are

Oh!Oh! Did you know they're making a movie based on the children's book? And have you seen the preview?

Like the song? That's a shortened, howling-ended version of Arcade Fire's Wake Up... (mp3 via musicforants.)

Fun Wild Things activity ideas:

* Make Monster Snacks & Masks

* Design some easy Wild Things Monster Puppets

* Make wearable Wild Things costumes (out of large paper bags, cardboard boxes & recyclables)

* Hold your own rumpus (with fancy instruments & dancing)

* Make some Monster Puzzle Cards (like over at scrumdillydo.) You can also turn these into a mixy-match book: make a few three-part (head-torso-legs/ or eyes-nose-mouth) monsters on index cards, hole punch each and use ribbon to bind on a cardboard cover... then have fun flipping through as you mix the parts into new monsters...

* Visit for Fantasy Jr. for teachery lessonplans, worksheets and whatnots.

Reminder: Kidlets are individuals (some love preschool-tame-type monsters, some reallyREALLY don't!) so use your own best judgement when exposing them to the Wild Things (or anything else that might challenge their unique spook-threshold...)

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