Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mad Monster Party?!

Halloween is not complete at my house without a viewing of Mad Monster Party! For those of you who've never seen it, it's sort of like the Halloween version of those classic Rudolph Christmas movies (the ones with Bumble, etc.) The characters move around all wonky-style (kinda like the guys from Davey and Goliath... remember that show?) and there's lots of wacky musical numbers. Good cheesy fun.

Kids are fascinated with monsters (of the tame, child-friendly variety, of course!) You can make your viewing of Mad Monster Party even more monstery with snacks like these little nummies: skeleton face samis (made with cream cheese & raisins), mummy dogs, and monster eyeballs (deviled eggs with olive pupils, and desserty delicious, sliced-in-half marshmallows with fruit loop & mini chocolate chip centers.) Monster fabulous!

Super silly monster books (besides those listed in my previous post): Jumpy Jack and Googily, by Meg Rosoff, and (of course!) The Monster at the End of This Book, by Jon Stone (staring famous Sesame Street monster, Grover.)

Fun monstery (science tie-in) activities: make skeletons by gluing pasta noodles to black construction paper... ("what are bones?"), or create monster masks by decorating paper plates with markers, feathers, felt, fabric scraps, crepe paper, pompoms and whatnot (precut holes for eyes and glue a Popsicle stick for holding in front of faces... I find this works better than the stringy tie type masks... "We have skin covering our bodies, what covers your monster's body? What's your monster's name? How old is she? Where does she live? How does she move? What does she sound like?")

Creating imaginary creatures requires creativity and imagination ...Woohoo for monsters!

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