Friday, September 12, 2008

Silly, Spooktacular Stories

Can you believe that Halloween is already just around the corner? These are three favorite, really fun, cheeky, and "just enough" creepy & gross, supersilly Halloween books that send tiny tots into giggle fits:

Goodnight Goon, by Michael Rex. It's a parody of Goodnight Moon, and you can actually read it out loud with the same cadence as the traditional bedtime story classic.

13 Days of Halloween, by Greene. This one's a take on the 12 days of Christmas, and yes, you can sing it, if you like. Instead of partridges in pear trees, you've got toads & worms & ghosties! (There's also a 13 Nights of Halloween, by Rebecca Dickinson that kids find equally super.)

The Night Before Halloween, by Natasha Wing. Just like the Christmas tale, excepting with monsters, goblins, and the like.

These stories are ideal for most older preschoolers (4ish +) -2nd graders (who will be better able to appreciate the parody concept.) Even still, be sure to keep your child's feelings in mind when introducing "scary" tales (including the ridiculously silly ones like these.) We all have a different spook threshold :)

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