Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bananas For Bugs?

Most preschoolers looooooooove bugs (a love of which I've posted about before.) If your little one is considering a future in entomology, she (or he!) will be absolutely gaga-enchanted with Brigette The Weird Bug Lady's delightful plush creations. Besides the big cushy praying mantis shown here, Brigette also has other cool critters up for sale on etsy, more in toy form (please note that some items are best suited for older kids or for supervised play only due to itsybitsy eye parts, etc.), others in the form of jewelry, hair clips, and even the world's cutest (and possibly only?) centipede scarf. She also does commissioned special orders, and has a background in zoology (so your child will never have to question you about why her ladybug only has four legs when everyone knows that real ladybugs have six...)

Creative creepy-crawly cuteness!

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