Saturday, February 7, 2009

Snail Valentine Lollies

Ohmygoodness... Zakka Life has the cutest snail valentine card tutorial, complete with free clip art. I love bloggers who share! All you need to do is pretty much poke a tasty lollipop through the card (to make the shell part, as shown here.) Bug-obsessed little ones will lovelovelove this, plus, it's a great starting off point for tons of nature topics (snails, slime, movement, protection methods, shells, and on & on...)

This craft is ideal for olderish little kids (as always, you'll want to use caution and your best judgement when giving superteenytots smaller, choke-scary food items.)

Silly Snail Facts:
* Snails love moist, damp environments
* Most land snails are nocturnal
* Snails are believed to be deaf, and seem to rely on vibrations as a sensory substitute
* Some snails can live for up to 15 years
* Snail slime protects snails from sharp stuff like thorns, vines, and poky pine needles... snails can even move safely across the blade of a knife or razor (though please do not evereverever try this at home!)

Planning a snail exploration with your little ones? Try reading Are You A Snail, by Judy Allen, and The Biggest House in the World, by the ever-imaginative Leo Lionni... and be sure to visit Mrs. Seagraves' snail site for wonderful teachery snail activities, lesson plan ideas, worksheets (for older kids), snail pixs, and more!

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