Sunday, January 27, 2008

Puddle Drinking: Just Say "No!"

Mrs. Reagan's mantra for drugs fits just as nicely when it comes to dogs & puddle water. No need to grab a red dress, call your astrologer, or start making banners and bumper stickers. When out for walks, just be sure to bring a water bottle and a collapsible drinking bowl so your pup won't feel the need to take a lap off the streets. Even the most clear, fresh-looking puddle water can be hiding creepish creepies. The antifreeze that drips from cars winds up in gutters and sidewalk/street puddles (especially during rainy weather!), and antifreeze is highly, highly toxic. Even non-city pups should follow the same rule. Instead of antifreeze, suburban and country dogs are often exposed to puddles contaminated with pesticide run-off (yuck!) Puddle play is fun (for dogs and kids... and, let's face it, even adults, too!) Splish and splash to your heart's content, but when it comes to taking sips, reach for something made for lips!

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