Monday, January 21, 2008

Biodegradable Puppy Poop Pick-up Bags

Did you know that it literally takes thousands of years for plastic to break down in landfills? This means Fido's poop bags will be around centuries after our greatgreatGREATgrandchildren have taken a spaceship and left Earth to colonize planet XYZ! Luckily for us (and for the earth!) some fantastic new puppy pick-up bags are now available, and these bags decompose in as little as 45 days! Take a peek at three such eco-friendly offerings from: Eco Me (they have lightweight, blue bags that look similar to most traditional plastic baggies), Poop Bags (they carry both standard and jumbo size bags for... ahem... larger breeds...), and Spike Brand (spikebrand has a complete line of various pro environment puppy products, and donates 2% of sales to doggie nonprofit groups.) Fashion Puppy Bonus: also carries quiet possibly the world's cutest designer poop bag holders ever, created by Hugo Designer Dogwear (who knew the words "designer," "cute," and "poop" could be used in the same sentence?!) The little key-chainesque carriers conveniently attach to your dog's leash, and they come in bright, happy colors & fun dogcentric shapes. There is even a spotty dalmatian creation. Go, spot, go!

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