Monday, January 28, 2008

Four-legged Eco-Friendly Fun

Whether you're a human or a dog, it seems that green is the new black. Here are some outstanding pet links, both popular and obscure, to help you join the pro-planet movement. Picketing and petitions are great... but making a difference can be as simple as shopping. And really, what better justifies shopping than... SAVING THE PLANET!

1. I love the cotton Tree Hugger Tee from Muttropolis . The closest store in my area is alllll the way at Fashion Island (in Newport), but the website has a huge page full of fun, fashionable, quirky & mindful toys, treats, and apparel.

2. Looking for a truly unique space for your dog to relax outdoors? Check out these artdECO dog houses with clever gardeny "greenrroofs" designed by Stephanie Rubin at Sustainable Pet .

3. You can purchase ultrasoft, organic, hard-to-find Simply Fido products at: Robins Pet Care. Simply Fido makes the cutest doggie shirts with simple symbols and sayings like "cupcake," "sweetpea," & "peanut." They also have an endearing line of cozy blankets and fuzzy toys. The cherry on top?... for ecoy stuff the prices are GREAT.

4. The Zogoflex Tux toy is one of my favorite finds of the year. It's a "busy brain" type toy that's not only treat-stuffable, but is also buoyant for pool play, and can even be tossed in the dishwasher for supereasy sanitizing. The industry buzz on this one is so fabulous trainers were preordering it before it made it's official debut in April! West Paw Design products have a clean, modern aesthetic and they make a complete line of eco-friendly toys in snobtastic colors like mint, brown, and muted lime.

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