Thursday, August 30, 2012

*** DIY Black Out Poetry Art Tutorial ***

When Cathy Met Heathcliff


So I made these. 

Or you can make your own, too, using vintage books, a marker, and, well, your creative brain.  

Start by picking an old book that's super dramatic and descriptive.  I used Wuthering Heights for these two pieces and I'm working on a few others using Jane Austen and L.M Montgomery books.  Just read through the pages, and put your mind in a collage-type state:  scanning for words and phrases that pierce, sing, or float to the top. Then see if you can lace them together to create a poem.  For some reason, I find this relaxing.  It's like I'm back in preschool, color sorting.  Except with words and feelings. 

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Sara Strauss said...

That's so cool! Very interesting.