Saturday, May 12, 2012

FREE Mother Nature Printable Book

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mother nature:  where is she?
Mother Nature is not the same as you and I.
Her home is the forest and her playground is the sky.
Can you find her?
She’d prefer you spy her when the rain is pouring from above,
letting all her ponds and rivers dance a droplets dance.
Did you see her dancing with the clouds?
They danced so hard they bumped together,
causing the lightning to prance.
Or you can feel her slippery touch when
your toes squish in the mud.
When she stirs the wind,
catch a whiff of her earthy smells: dirt and flowers and leaves!
And when you say “Hello Ms. Ladybug, how wonderful you are!”
It’s Mother Nature who says thank you
with a tickle of those little bug legs.
Where is Mother Nature?
You’ll find her in the things she does and the things she loves.
She’s right there, and here, and over there too.
Do you see her?