Sunday, January 22, 2012

Geeky Stuff Alert: Old Navy Animal Tops (Cats and Dogs and Bird Prints... Oh My!)

Oh yes, these adorable critter print shirts are just as cute in person. They remind me of something Charlotte Taylor would design. Very Anthropologie-feeling; whimsical and classic all at once. Except at under $40, way waaaay cheaper. You will go to Old Navy thinking you'll just get one of them. Alas, be warned: if they have your size in stock (and even if they don't!), you will likely leave with all three! Here's some of my tipsy review observations:

Bow-Back Short Sleeved Tops: My Old Navy only had the red dog print in my size, but I didn't let that stop me from being greedy! I tried on the next size up in the blue cat print, and found that if I wore it backwards (with the bow in the front), it fit just fine (it actually looks very French-girlesque cute this way!) The bow is a drawstring sort, so it can be adjusted for comfiness, and also to fit your shape (Yippee!)

Bird-Print Charmeuse Blouse: I sized up on this one because I like these sorts of shirts to fit more billowy. It's also a little bit see-through, so I plan on wearing a cream colored cami underneath. This blouse comes in a navy blue colorway with red birds, too.

And now a treat for sharing:
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Yay for cute things!

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