Saturday, July 23, 2011

Easypeasy Upcycled Hula Hoop Rainbow Rugs

How awesome-fun is this idea?
You use old T-shirts and a hula hoop!

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Beneath the Rowan Tree


April's Homemaking said...

How cool!! This looks like a wonderful activity!!

DaynaL said...

what an awesome idea!!!!! I think I'm going to head to the dollar store and grab some hula hoops JUST for this purpose!!! C:

Lori @ Beneath the Rowan Tree said...

Love this!
I am sharing it as a featured project on our next Playdate at Beneath the Rowan Tree (goes live Sunday evening, July 31).
Please feel free to snag a 'Featured' button and share the love!


PuppyLovePrincess said...

lori: i LOVE your blog :) and i'm glad i got to share this craft, it's superpretty and planet-friendly, too!

april & dayna: it really is a wonderful, supersimple activity for both kidlets and growupsy types. you'll have lots of fun making them. thanks for stopping by :)