Friday, May 7, 2010

Coolish Moderny Wordle Craft

This is what we made for Mother's Day this week in our Preschool In Nature class (but you could easily adapt the idea for dads, grandparents, friends, etc .) This craft isn't just supercute & fun; it incorporates color, shape, and size identification, and (best part!) it gets kidlets thinking about how to reuse things creatively.

Here's What You Need:
A picture frame
Recycled random buttons
Mom-themed wordle
Adorable little kidlet hands
Hand wipes

Here's What You Do:
1. Glue buttons to your frame, and let dry.
2. Ask kidlets to list "describing words" (adjectives) about their mom.
3. Create your own mom adjectives wordle (or use mine) and print it out on cardstock.
4. Paint one kidlet hand and press the handprint onto your wordle.
5. Let your paint dry.
6. Insert the wordle into your frame.
7. Admire the happy, colorful, moderny goodness.

We used these Mother's Day wordles:

Matchy Music:

(For Alt-Folksy Moms:) Mother and Child Reunion mp3, The Morning Benders cover version (via Rollo & Grady.)

(For Alt-Rocksy Moms:) Treat Me Like Your Mother (live mp3), The Dead Weather (via Troubled Souls Unite.)