Sunday, April 4, 2010

Whimsical, Wearable Bunny Rabbit Tails

This preschooler craft is so cute and so easy! It's supersensory-oriented, and the finished product (shown below) is great for dramatic play. You can go traditional-style (and use all white cotton balls) or whimsy-it-up by making a multicolored tail (using a rainbow of happy, imagination-friendly colored pompoms.) Best of all... NO GLOPPY GLUE MESS! We made some in class yesterday, and you can make some, too!

Here's What You Need:
Sticky-backed adhesive felt (or contact paper, etc.)
Ribbon or yarn
Lots of cotton balls and/or pompoms

Here's What You Do:
1) Precut your sticky felt into one tail-sized, circley shape.
2) Precut your ribbon to size (enough so it wraps & ties around the waist.)
3) Push back the top of that special paper covering your sticky felt.
4) To create your tie-belt, find the middle of the length of your ribbon and lay the ribbon on top of the exposed sticky felt.
5) Press down so the ribbon attaches and then fold the felt over so the ribbon is sandwiched between the two inner-sticky layers of felt.
6) Remove the rest of that special paper.
7) Invite kidlets to cover the tail by pressing pompoms onto the sticky surface.
8) Supervise younger kidlets as needed (to avoid choking-potential, etc.)
9) Cover the sticky surface, creating one large, fluffy tail.
10) Tie around waist, and get to hophophopping!

Cautionary Note To Pet Parents: Please do not expose your furry friends to this craft (both during the making process, and once-made, too.) Many pups and kittens find pompoms & cotton balls dangerously irresistible (they can be easily swallowed and can lead to choking, intestinal issues, and numerous other creepy medical problems.)

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Cathy James said...

This is a fun idea! Thanks for sharing with the Play Academy. I can see my girls loving the idea of turning into little bunnies - maybe they'll need some ears too?!