Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hypoallergenic EasyPeasy Pet Rock Rings

What's more wonderfully silly than those goofy-fabulous pet rocks from the 1970s? How about making your very own smallish, portable, giggle-inducing ring version? It's a fun, nature-oriented, sensory-filled, kid-friendly project that can incorporate color, shape, and rock identification. Bonus: It's supersimple (and an ohsoveryperfect accessory for allergy sufferers!)

PLEASE REMEMBER: Tiny little fingers and tiny little mouths can sometimes add up to curious trouble. Smallish things (like these rings) can be tricksy business with kidlets who are still in that oral fixationy phase; so always trust your instincts and use care, common sense, & supervision with younger children under threeish. That having been said...

Here's What You Need:
A special little river rock, polished stone, or macho pebble.
Adhesive (I like Crafter's Pick The Ultimate Superglue because it's nontoxic)
An adjustable ring blank
Google Eyes

Here's What You Do:
1) Glue two google eyes onto your rock and let dry for a few hours.
2) Adjust your ring so it fits how you like;
3) Sand the back of your rock a little with sandpaper so it's nottoosmooth.
4) Glue your pet rock onto your ring blank, and let dry overnight.
5) Dream up the ideal rocksysortofname.
6) Wear.
7) Accept random compliments.

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