Thursday, March 11, 2010

Butterfly Colors Cooperation Collage

One of our classroom topics last week was butterflies. Did you know that butterfly wings are covered with tiny, delicate scales? Here's a fun preschool learning project we made together that not only emphasizes this fascinating science fact, but also integrates cooperation, sensory stimulation, color recognition, and counting (and also it's just reeeally puuurty!)

Here's what you need:
Colorful construction paper scraps
One large piece of construction paper/poster board
Glue sticks

Here's What You Do:

Before Class:
1. Draw a large butterfly shape with your marker.
2. Cut your paper scraps into scale shapes (sort of like half circles, filled "U"s, etc.)

During Class:
3. Roll your butterfly out onto the floor/table and invite children to put scales on the butterfly.
4. Have glue sticks available.
5. Let each child ask for a color, and distribute per requests until your wings are covered.
6. Count the color scales (ex: "How many red scales are there?")
7. Hang on wall or window.
8. Admire.

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Michelle said...

Cute idea! I would love if you would link it up to my Made by Little Hands Monday Linky party!
Thanks so much!