Monday, January 25, 2010

Days-of-the-Week Superhero Button Ring Sets

Button rings make really fun party favors & giftlets... and when grouped in sevens, they make for an especially adorable days-of-the-week ring set. They're great as everyday accessories, or for pretend play & superheroing (... and grownups loveum, too!) I have some snazzy little sets up for sale right now in my Etsy shop, but they're so supersimple to make.

PLEASE REMEMBER: Tiny little fingers and tiny little mouths can sometimes add up to curious trouble. Smallish things (like these rings) can be tricksy business with kidlets who are still in that oral fixationy phase; so always trust your mommy instincts and use care, common sense, & supervision with younger children under threeish. That having been said...

Here's the how-tos:
1. Get yourself some adjustable ring blanks. Lots of arts and craftsy places will sell them, and there are shops on Etsy, too.

2. Gather together an assortment of buttons (most artsy craftsy stores sell bags of mixed buttons, but vintage buttons make for extralovely, superunique designs.) Sort through the colors & shapes and pick out the ones that catch your eye (if you're making a days-of-the-week set, you might want to try creating an overall theme like "garden buddies," etc.)

3. Clip off the backs of the buttons so they lie flat. Then make pretty little stacklets of two or three buttons. Layer the smallish buttons on the larger ones, and glue them together with an adhesive (I use planet-friendly, kid-friendly, nontoxic Crafter's Pick The Ultimate Super Glue.)

4. Let your pretties dry overnight. Then glue them to the ring blanks.

5. Dry overnight.

6. Wear.

6. Accept random compliments.

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