Monday, August 10, 2009

Friendly Fairy Doors

These tiny fairy doors aren't only magnificently darling and well-made, they're also well-priced (the one shown above is only $15!) What a delightful way to whimsy-up the garden! Visit NothinButWood's etsy shop for more styles for the buying (& inspiring.)

Or, try making your own fairy doors using:
* Branches & twigs & bark, (glue-gunned, or tied with twine.)
* Model Magic or clay (maybe painted or mosaicified.)
* Wooden dollhouse doors (snazzied up w/ glitter, gems, etc.)

Fairy doors aren't only for supernaturey outside places... take a peek at Urban Fairies for photos featuring city-folk (& indoors doors) versions. These simple urban fairy doors became a unifying Ann Arbor Community Project which helped to boost kidlet spirits (as well as the local economy!)

Maybe start a happy guerrilla art fairy door project in your neighborhood, too...

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