Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Crafty Driftwood Crafts Pictorial

Driftwood makes a wonderful starting-off material for creative projects. Take a closer look at the inspiring delightful driftwood designs shown above: 1.Hallway Hanging Rack 2.Seaside Mirror 3 and 4.Beach Fairy WindChimes & Coastal Garden Trellis 5.Patio Planter Pot.

Driftwood Factsy Fun:
* While floating at sea, driftwood provides shelter & food for fish, birds, and other species.
* Besides the elements, shipworms, gribbles, & bacteria also help to decompose driftwood.
* In Norse mythology, the first humans were made from two pieces of driftwood.

Matchy Music: Driftwood mp3, by Mark McAdam (via IamFuelYouAreFriends)

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