Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Moth's Wings

The IO Moth has spooky eye-shaped spots on her wings that scare away predators ...

The Poplar Hawk Moth has wings that look like leaves to help him hide.

The Hornet Moth is just a harmless moth... but he looks dangerous (a great example of mimicry.)

*For more cool bizarre moth species info (and gorgeous photos just like these) visit the awesome neatorama site.

Kidlet Moths VS Butterflies Fun Facts:
Most moths have a chunkier, fuzzier body than butterflies.
Most moths have feathery antenna, while most butterflies have dots at the tips.
Most moths usually prefer being out at night, while most butterflies like daytime.

Matchy Music: Moth's Wings mp3, by Passion Pit (via Whale in A Cubicle.)

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