Monday, April 13, 2009

Sunny Roads, Disapproving Rabbits, Happy Hands


1. PERSON: Emiliana Torrini Um, LOVE her! She's from Iceland (home of my beloved Bjork.) You will want to buy all her songs, but probably most especially the lovely Birds (mp3 via Untitled Records), Sunny Road (shown below, which reminds me of a pretty picture book), and the more upbeat, silly-fun Jungle Drum (mp3 via HighFi Heart.)

2. PLACE: Disapproving Rabbits. It's a site devoted to pictures of bunnies with displeased expressions. Anyone who's ever loved a bunny knows the look... it's a special blend of snobby, disgusted, and cute... it's as though they transform into uptight, old, portly British fellows... you can imagine them muttering "unacceptable! unacceptable! ...why, I never!.."

3. THING: Pink Grapefruit Foaming Handwash, from Bath and Body Works. This is the best smelling soap ever. Ever. I always thought foaming soap was sort of creepy... but the wonderful smell overrides that 100%... it's the ideal scent for spring and summer... clean and lightlylightly citrus.

So, those are three things I love right now. If you have a blog, maybe you'll want to try sharing three weekly things, too... then there'll be six happy things, then nine, then... maybe one week...2,400!

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