Sunday, March 1, 2009

Pretty Prints, Louvy Land, Toy Fairies


1. PERSON: Etsy Artist, Sascalia. Take a peek at these girly, nature-filled, color-saturated, mixed-media collage pretty prints:

2. PLACE: Richard Louv's Website. I think I might be the last naturalist on the planet to find out that he has a website... anyways, it's filled with all things Richard Louvy: a blog, articles, links, book lists... all about children and nature. This is important stuff! It's a truly great resource for parents, teachers, scientists, and really just anyone who loves animals, children, & the environment.

Richard is one of the founders of the Children & Nature Network. Here's a wonderful segment featuring him as he explains how important nature-exposure is for health, creativity, and child development:

3. THING: The Toy Society. This street art project started in Australia, and has now spread all over the world. If you're a crafter, you might want to get involved. Harnessing the spirit of Santa, the Easter Bunny, and millions of anonymous happy little elves, creative crafters make adorable handmade toys, package them up pretty-style, and then leave them off at parks & things to be found by wandering, random kidlets. Each crafter includes a little note in their package which explains the project, and lists the Toy Society site, so crafters, kidlets, & parents can track the magical, sweet-sweet fun:

(All photos taken from the Toy Society Flickr Pool :)

So, those are my three things I love right now for this week. If you have a blog, maybe you'll want to try sharing three weekly things, too... then there'll be six happy things, then nine, then... maybe one week...2,400!

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