Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hand Sanitizer Bottle Cuteness

Anyone who works with children or animals goes through hand sanitizer FAST. This semihandmade project (as tutorialed on Just A Girl & Little Birdie Secrets) is quick, easy, and makes a perfect little teacher appreciation gift that even superyoung kidlets can help make. It's basically a two-minute hand sanitizer bottle makeover. In a nutshell...

Here's What You Need:

* Bottle of hand sanitizer (must be the kind with a removable sticky label)
* Embellishments (stickers, ribbon, etc.)
* Glue (if needed.)

Here's What You Do:

1. Peel off the ugly sanitizer label.
2. Prettify to your heart's content with embellishments (use a theme, if you like.)
3. Admire your work.
4. Give to a germy-handed loved one.

Insider's Tip: I decorated my bottle (not shown, due to lame photography) with fancy scrapbooking, 3-D paper embellishments, and they've already started getting smushed, wet, & wonky-looking... next time I'll use plain, flat, nonpapery, stickery-stickers, instead... Something to keep in mind :)

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