Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dancing Tomatoes, Food Faces, Puppy Dresses


1. PERSON: Lenka. Another provider of cutesy, girly music. My favorite of her songs is called Like a Song. Alas, I could not find a decent link for sharing. Lenka's also got some supercreative, whimsy-driven videos (which feature oddly appealing dancing plush tomatoes & shadow puppetry.) I did find those for sharing (just beware, there's an annoying commercial preceding each...)

2. PLACE: Perpetual Kid. Ohmeohmy... this site is great. They have all sorts of fun, silly gifty items for kids (& kids-at-heart.) Here's just a sampling of my veryvery favorite items: Goofy face plates, cheeky monkey key covers (which, coincidentally, both my mom and best friend bought me), and adorable, I-can't-believe-they're-only-$12 puppy coin purses (FYI, they also have little bunny coin purses, which would be perfect for Easter...) There are tons more other cool things, too, like Lego ipod speakers, Count Chocula lip balm, and on and on...

3. THING: Petro Zillia's Paula Puppy Dress. I got this about two years ago and it's still one of my very favorite dresses for Spring & Summer (note the cuddly puppy faces at the hemline.) I can't wait til the weather gets a just a littlebit more sunshiney...

So anyways, those are my three things I love right now for this week. If you have a blog, maybe you'll want to try sharing three weekly things, too... then there'll be six happy things, then nine, then... maybe one week...2,400!

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