Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Butterfly Memory Match Game

I found these lovely, cheerful paper butterfly cutouts in the dollar bin at Michaels' this week. They're pretty big (about the size of my hand), and come in packs of ten with assorted, happy spring colors & patterns (dots, stripes, etc.) My mind went into crafty mode: spring garland, mobile, name tags... what else can I make with these?... Lots else... so I bought ten packages (neeheehee...)

Remember the classic children's game, Memory? How you'd have bunch of cards plain side facing up, then flip them over in twos, trying to find matches? I used some of the dollar butterflies to whip up my own superquick, semihandmade version. You can, too. It's easy:

Here's What You Do:

1. Obtain the wonderfully cheapy butterfly cutouts (or flower shapes, bunny shapes, whatever you find or like.) Just make sure they have matching plain backs and fancy fronts.

2. Laminate them (or use contact paper.) This makes them a little more sturdy.

3. Cut them out.

4. Play the game!

This game's fun for preschoolers, older kiddos, and even grownups. It's great for a chitchatting your way into brainy topics like butterflies, colors, and patterns... as well as for building concentration, observation, and, um... memory. Plus, it's just plain pretty to look at!

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