Monday, February 9, 2009

Handsome Handprint Valentines

These darling handprint valentines from My Little Gems are so cute, really easy to make, and absolute sentimental-savers (superperfect for grammies!) Plus, most kids (especially preschoolers!) will love making them... enjoying the smushy sensory experience of gloopy paint.

Crafty Bonus: instead of immediate clean-up, this could be a fun transition into open-ended art (move those messy hands directly to a large piece of construction paper, and offer up various collage materials like tissue paper scraps, feathers, sponge shapes for stamping, etc.) Woohoo for messy masterpieces!

Possible sciencey connection topics: colors (what happens when you mix red and white paint? What if you add more red? More white?...), animal body parts (compare human hands to paws, fins, etc... how are they different? How are they the same?), prints (what else can we make prints of?... leaves, bark, etc.),and tracks (create shoe tracks with mud or paint using different shoes from different family members...can you guess who the tracks belong to? Some tracks are small, some tracks are big. See if you can find some animal tracks outside...)

FunFunFun :)

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