Monday, January 12, 2009

Down with OPB?

Other People's Blogs rock! I recently stumbled upon WhiMSy love. I'd visit this blog just for the aesthetic deliciousness alone! The pixish, punchy, color palette is yummy, and (as if that's not enough) it's filled with all sorts of fantastic crafty tutorials. For the shopping-inclined, her etsy link leads to adorable, imaginative (and ecofriendly!) wares like these tiny vintage spoon easels, recycled button rings, and the most delightful, huggable, owl plush buddies.

Speaking of OPB, My best friend recently posted about two especially lovely preschooly finds: Kira Willey's song, Colors (ultracatchy, and wonderful as a tie-in for color units and nature themes.) My teacher's aide freaked out when I added the song to our classroom playlist ("Ohmygosh I LOVE this song... it's from that commerical!") Some of the youtube music video versions of the song are, strangely, noncreative, and really laaaaaaaame... but I found one version to share that's pretty (all the way down to the girlycute lyric lettering.)

The other superfind is the be-prepared-to-get-teary-eyed poem which follows...

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