Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Music for Humbugs

I looooove Christmas music. So much so, that I listen to it pretty much all year round. Kind of like how some preschoolers will insist on wearing the same purple shirt over and over and OVER. When I like something, my enthusiasm can be a little nutty... and I like me my Christmas tunes!

Sadly, some people just don't like Christmas music. OR SO THEY THINK! In honor of those with Christmasmusicphobia, I give you my "Cheer Shmeer" playlist, full of strangely beautiful, sad, angry, and morose holiday songs guaranteed to win over humbugs at heart. OK, it's not guaranteed, but it's still worth a shot... and regardless, it's fun offbeatsy listening... Enjoy the sample (or embrace your inner Grinch and turn it off...neeheehee...!)

25th December, Everything But the Girl

That was the Worst Christmas Ever!, Sufjan Stevens

Hallelujah , Jeff Buckley

I believe In You, Sinead O'Connor

Under The Mistletoe, Kyle Andrews

The Christmas Song, The Raveonettes

Merry Christmas, Not X-Mas, Arrah and the Ferns

Bittersweet Eve, Belasana

Christmas Is The Saddest Day Of The Year, Jill Sobule

Christmas Dirge, Nellie McKay

Little Jack Frost, Bing Crosby

All I Ever Get For Christmas Is Blue, Over The Rhine

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Martha Wainwright

River, Travis/ Joni Mitchell

Lonely Xmas Eve, Ben folds

Mistletoe, Colbie Caillat

Merry Christmas (I Don't Wanna Fight Tonight), The Ramones

Please Come Home for Xmas, Fiona Apple

2000 Miles, Coldplay/ Pretenders

Fairytale of NY, Pilate

Christmas Intentions, Scissors for Lefty

Xmas Curtain, My Morning Jacket

Do They Know it's Christmas, Band Aid

Just For Now, Imogen Heap

Christmas, Baby Please Come Home, U2/ Death Cab for Cutie

Song for a Winter's Night, Sarah McLachlan

Christmas Day, Dido

Rudy, The Be Good Tanyas

The Cat Carol, Meryan Cadell

Cracking, Suzanne Vega

Winter Song, Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson

A note for moms and dads: these particular songs aren't brimming over with cheer and jolly jingle stuff... so if you have wee ones, you'll want to use your own best judgement with regards to little ear exposure. Happy listening :)

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