Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Santa Paws Super Picks: Busy Brain Toys!*

This time of the year us humans can get a little preoccupied with our holiday plans, so it's important to remember that we make sure our dogs don't get bored, lonely, and... destructive. These are some of my favorite two-paws-up-rated Busy Brain Toys which I recommend for clients who need a little peace & quiet. They'll help keep your dog's "eyes on the prize" (and away from mischief-inducing lures like your ornaments, wrapping paper, fruit cake...)

Most toys are built with strong puppy mouths in mind, but, as always, you'll want to supervise your dog's first interaction with a new toy, just in case. Also, be sure to throw away old toys as they begin to wear, so that your dog won't accidentally ingest or choke on any loose parts :)

Puzzle Toys:
Twist N Treat by Premier Pet Products
Buster Cubes
Tricky Treats Ball Toy by Omega Paw
Teaser Ball by Jolly Pets
Muttropolis Leo Canine Genius Treat Releaser
Muttropolis Plush Leo
IQube Puzzle Plush by Plush Puppies
Intellibone (a soft squeaky puzzle that develops eye-paw coordination, also by Plush Puppies)

Booda Bones (get one in a color that matches your pup's fur to avoid slobber streaks)
Nylabone Puppy Teething Key Ring
Pet Stages Cool Teething Stick
Fill N' Freeze Bone (instead of water, fill with diluted apple juice or broth for yumminess)
Booda Bone Rope Toy (try freezing for extra-soothing power)

Dog on TV DVD
Harp Music to Soothe the Savage Beast CD, by Alianna Boone
Comfort Zone Plug-in Pheromone Diffuser
A Cozy Blanket or Sweatshirt to snuggle up with that's well-worn (& smells like you)

Sniff out these products (minus the blanket or sweatshirt that smells like you, of course...) at major pet supply retailers such as: Petco , PetSmart , Muttropolis , and

*FYI: this is an encore posting from 12/07 :)

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