Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Scrumptious Spiders

Take a peek at these darling spider snacks from littlenummies! They're perfect for Halloween... and not only are these cute & easy to make, they're also healthy, and serve as a great science unit tie-in for preschoolers (as you nibble, count the legs, talk about webs, etc.)

My favorite funny spider book?... Diary of a Spider, by Doreen Cronin (the silly genius who also wrote Click Clack Moo; Cows That Type.)

Favorite spider activity?... Spider-sighting walks with stops for serenading (sing the itsy-bitsy song with your preschooler's own twists... is the spider you see really itsy-bitsy? she really climbing up the water spout? The medium-sized spider might climb up the neighbor's fence...)

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