Saturday, October 11, 2008

No-Sew Gnomes

I love me a squirrely little bearded gnome! Just imagine a pack of them, running through the night on those wobbly-toddler legs... creepycuteness!

The Family Fun site has lots more unique, truly easy-to-make costume ideas like this one, with a special category just for little kids. If you have a superitsybitsy at home, visit the Wondertime site for interesting infant options, too.

There's really nothing quite like a comfy, realistic-looking costume (especially those custom-ordered & made with love from Mom.) My husband still to this day speaks with pride about the Halloween he claims he "looked exactly like Crockett from Miami Vice"... and becomes dramatically sullen when recounting that, quote, "traumatizing year" he had to wear one of those flimsy drugstore outfits, referring to the ordeal as: "The PacMan Halloween..."


Hooray for nonplastic fantastics!

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