Friday, September 26, 2008

He Works Hard For The Money!

It seems that the economy is getting all gunky right before the holidays... and since we can't send our pets out to bring home the bacon, lucky for us, there is a little something called... TARGET (woohoo!yay!yippee!) so we can still indulge in all the importantly silly little things we don't need that we really do need! I popped into the Seal Beach location this week and found all sorts of fun seasonal dollar bin & clearance stuff. It's really strange because it seems like it's always hit or miss with Target deals; different Targets have different stuff... but I found a couple of really cute things this visit. You might want to see if your local target has them, too :)

1) Halloween Dog Collars, in all different sizes, in a happy pumpkin pattern. They didn't have any cat collars, but I bought my kitty the smallest size and it fits her just fine. The collars actually look more cute & well made than what I've seen this year at the pet shops (but probably not as nice as the handmade etsy ones.) For only a dollar, they're a superduper deal, and, most especially important, they have the safety release buckles (which help prevent accidental choking.)

2) Cloth Thanksgiving Napkins, in packs of two, in fall-friendly beige, brown, orange, and green. They each have a little autumn applique (a different leaf, acorn, pumpkin, etc.) and they go with the Pottery Barn Kids Thanksgiving stuff perfectly. I found them in the dollar bin section, too, and they look lots nicer than typical dollary things.

3) Sailor Cat Fake-out Costumes. While many dogs will indulge their humans with Halloween costume-wearing, cats are another story. Most cat parents who value their limbs know better than to even make an attempt. But Target has this very cool sailor collar (complete with navy stripes and anchor) that's worn just like a normal collar. You just Velcro it on. Supereasy. No stress. And they even have a matching anchor-shaped catnip toy. Way super cute (and way supercheap... they were on clearance for 48 cents each!)

Hooray for dealy finds!

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