Thursday, June 9, 2011

Baby Coyote Cuteness

I recently got to meet a baby coyote as she was on her way to a wildlife rescue rehabilitation center. She looked almost just like a puppy dog (except for when she opened her mouth... WOWZA! Trust me when I say coyotes have some impressive chompers!)

Coyote FunFacts:

*Coyotes are usually very good swimmers.

*Coyotes eat both meat and vegetation. They eat mostly smallish things like rats, mice, gophers, rabbits, fish, frogs, insects, snakes, birds, fruit, and grass.

*Coyotes aren't really as large as you might think; they just have a very thick coat of fur that makes them appear more weighty and sizey! The adult coyotes that are here in southern California typically range between 20-35 lbs.

*Coyotes are usually wonderful parents. Unlike many species, both the mother and father take an active, paws-on role in caring for their pups.

*My Favorite Coyote-Themed Preschooler Books:
Way Out West Lives a Coyote Named Frank
Welcome To The World of Coyotes

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