Thursday, September 16, 2010

5 BEST Favorite Dog Training Books

I've consolidated my very most recommended resources into a little listy. Each book is superhelpful and easy for beginning-beginners to read and understand:

1. It's Me or The Dog, by Victoria Stillwell.
A great overall introduction into the most modern positive reinforcement dog training techniques. I can't say enough wonderful things about Victoria. Her methods are alwaysalwaysalways humane.

2. Family Friendly Dog Training, by Patricia B McConnell.
An easy-to-follow, positivity-based training manual, broken down step-by-step, and divided into weekly sessions much like a typical dog training class.

3. The Other End of The Leash, by Patricia B McConnell.
A wonderful book that helps explain how canines communicate.

4. Help For Your Shy Dog, by Deborah Wood.
Filled with kind, creative, thoughtful ideas for introverts.

5. Dog Friendly Gardens, Garden Friendly Dogs, by Cheryl Smith.
A go-to guide for clever landscaping design (and dog-safe plant species.)

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