Thursday, April 29, 2010

Animal Habitat Magnet Play Board

I built this play board for the museum at work, and it's supereasy to do. Instead of sky and grass, you could do a beach scene, a city scene, racetrack... whatever! You can also mix it up by rotating in different magnet photo pieces based on the season (maybe baby animals in spring, snowy tree tops in winter, etc.)

Here's What You Need:
Dry Erase magnetic markerboard
Scrapbook paper (for sky and grass)
Modge Podge
Magazine cutouts (animals, tree parts, etc.)
Magnets (the noncheapy type)
Laminating machine/ contact paper
Glue gun & glue

Here's What You D0:
1) Modge Podge your paper to the magnet board to form a simple background scene.

2) As you apply a thin top coat, carefully smooth & squidge out any bubbles. Keep in mind that you want to use the modge podge sparingly (so that the magnets will still be able to work.)

3) Let dry.

4) Laminate your magazine pictures, and recut them.
5) Hot glue magnets to your laminated pictures.
6) Let your kidlets create their own scene!