Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Piglets as Teachers: Three Empathetic Animal-Themed Children's Movies

These are some of my veryveryfavorite movies that encourage thoughtfulness towards animals. For some reason, they all star piglets. I don't know, maybe I just like pigs...

Please bear in mind that they may not be appropriate for your individual child, depending on that child's age and sensitivity-level. Even as an adult, animaly movies always seem to leave me in a search for my box of Puffs Plus... :)

* Babe: A sweet, charming, and funny movie about a piglet who herds sheep. Themes: loyalty, friendship, family, creativity, kindness, forgiveness, teamwork, courage, faith, following your inner voice, the silliness of stereotypes.

* Babe, Pig in the City: This wonderful sequel follows Babe's adventures with new animal friends in the city. Same themes as before, although this movie also touches lightly on sensitive ethical topics like animal experimentation and neglect.

* Charlotte's Web: I like both the animated 1970s one, and the more recent actory version. Themes: friendship, family, creativity, courage, following your inner-voice, life cycles, literacy, cause and effect.

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