Thursday, January 14, 2010

Say What? A New Version of Emma?

Yay! Being a girly-girl, I just love Jane Austen. And while I was roaming about the web this weekend, a wonderful popup popped up... PBS's Masterpiece Theatre will be airing a new BBC Emma Miniseries between January 24- early February 2010 (ready your DVR!) Personally, I really loved the Gwyneth Paltrow version and will find it difficult to top, but I think it's funny how they make 80gazillion versions of everything Austen ever wrote (so of course I try to watch them all!)
Here's a commercial clip:

You've prolly already taken this quiz:

... but at PBS's site, there's a brand new silly quiz for the taking: The Bachelors of Highbury Compatibility Quiz. Apparently I'm best matched with Frank Churchill... Hmm...

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Devaneios said...

I'm Elinor! I wanna to be Elizabeth or Marianne.

Very nice your blog.